The Faces Advendurance team is still on a high after the successful conclusion of the first Nissan Trailseeker mtb race post-lockdown at Buffelsdrift over the past weekend.

To comply with the stringent COVID-19 regulations imposed by the Minister of Sport and Recreation, we break the event down into six small events: Friday morning, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, with the trail run going off on Sunday afternoon. By not allowing any spectators reduced congregation on the venue considerably, allowing us to remain within the Minister’s prescribed number of 300 persons in one space at any given time.

It was great to see so many riders, novice to Elite, rearing to race again and the enthusiasm was catching. Riders went through the COVID-19 screening process without complaint and wore their buffs diligently for which we salute you. All races were completed successfully and we were even able to boast with our perfect Pretoria weather. There were grinning dirt-streaked faces all around!

Ben Laubscher grins, ‘Happiness baby. MTB Racing back in action after lockdown restrictions. First Nissan Trailseeker race spread over 3 days of 2 starts per day. Kudos to Advendurance for seamless covid protocols. New normal in MTB racing. The old normal good coffee is still there :)’

Vanessa van der Merwe says, ‘First race done and dusted. Nissan Trailseeker Buffels. Thank you Fritz Pienaar and his team for an incredibly well-organised event. It was quick and painless to go through the COVID station. We are proud of you and it was a privilege to race through the dirt again.’

Nissan Trailseeker Buffelsdrift #2 | Saturday Highlights

The main event was held on Sunday morning with the highly anticipated Men’s and Women’s Elite race being broadcast via live streaming on our Facebook page. That was also a first for us and for the most part worked out well.

A fiercely competitive field of Elite riders battled for podium positions with Team Pyga Eurosteel finally taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd with some crafty and strategic riding in the men’s race. In a final brilliant move, Matthys Beukes attacked from behind and flew past to take first place. Team-mates Pieter du Toit and Philip Buys were right behind him to take second and third respectively. The young Tristan Nortje riding for Imbuko Giant Pro Cycling rode a gutsy race but was unable to withstand the relentless onslaught by Team Pyga Eurosteel. He took a very respectable fourth place with Jan Withaar following in fifth.

From left Tristan Nortje, Pieter du Toit, Matthys Beukes, Philip Buys, Jan Withaar the top five men’s finishers at the 2020 edition. Photo: Action Photos

Matthys Beukes taking first place. Photo: Action Photos

The Elite Ladies race was no less intense with first and second place going to Robyn de Groot and Amy McDougall both from Team Dormakaba. Third place went to Candice Lill representing Faces. Fourth place went to Kim Le Court and fifth, Theresa Ralph. Well done, ladies.

From left Theresa Ralph, Amy McDougall, Robyn de Groot, Candice Lill, Kim Le Court the top five women’s finishers at the 2020 edition. Photo: Action Photos

Robyn de Groot & Amy McDougall from Team dormacaba. Photo: Action Photos

All in all a successful weekend of racing and riding. Watch the highlights of our Elite race below. Thank you to everyone involved!

Nissan Trailseeker Buffelsdrift #2 | Sunday Highlights

Congratulations to our overall winners on the following distances:

MEN’S – 60 KM

O/A Gender Position Name Surname Distance Time Gender Category
1 Matthys Beukes 60km 2:08:02 M SubVet*
2 Pieter Du Toit 60km 2:08:03 M Snr*
3 Philip Buys 60km 2:08:15 M SubVet*


O/A Gender Position Name Surname Distance Time Gender Category
1 Robyn De Groot 60km 2:28:50 F SubVet*
2 Amy Mcdougall 60km 2:28:51 F SubVet*
3 Candice Lill 60km 2:31:02 F Snr*

MEN’S – 35 KM

O/A Gender Position Name Surname Distance Time Gender Category
1 Jaedon Terlouw 35km 1:18:11 M Jnr*
2 Pieter-Jan Pretorius 35km 1:18:51 M Jnr*
3 Bertieemmett Anderson 35km 1:19:12 M Youth*



O/A Gender Position Name Surname Distance Time Gender Category
1 Bernice Van Wyk 35km 1:34:06 F Jnr*
2 Karlise Scheepers 35km 1:36:52 F Jnr*
3 Karli Smalberger 35km 1:37:24 F Jnr*


O/A Gender Position Name Surname Distance Time Gender Category
1 Jordan Boshoff 20km 0:45:23 M Youth
2 Josh Van Der Merwe 20km 0:48:23 M Sub Jnr*
3 Ruan Bothma 20km 0:48:24 M Sub Jnr*


O/A Gender Position Name Surname Distance Time Gender Category
1 Antoinette Roux 20km 0:59:15 F Vet
2 Aimee Armstrong 20km 0:59:46 F Youth
3 Anneleen Swanepoel 20km 1:00:06 F Snr


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Only two weeks to go until Van Gaalen. Let’s do this all again soon.