The first Nissan Trailseeker Series event for 2020 kicked off this weekend in the Banhoek Conservancy, Western Cape with over 1000 riders at the start line. The Series is well-known amongst local mountain bikers and is also a favourite family event. This past weekend’s race attracted top international riders who utilised the race as training for big upcoming events.

In the Elite men’s race, Sebastian Fini and Mattheus Flukiger sped ahead with Martins Blums and Jaco Venter short on their tail. At the 40km mark, Sebastian Fini and Mattheus Fluckiger maintained the lead ahead of Blums, Venter and Keyser. Sebastian Fini kept going strong until the end to ultimately take the win with a time of 02:27:43, whilst Martins Blums was able to overtake Flukiger to take second.

From the get-go Adelheid, Yana and Lia broke away from the group and kept a steady pace leading the race. Close to the finish Adelheid made a break and finished as champion of the Nissan Trailseeker #1 Banhoek event.

Watch how the race unfolded and all the action-packed highlights here

Top 5 Elite Marathon Men Podium at Nissan Trailseeker #1 Banhoek:

  1. Sebastian Fini – 02:27:43
  2. Martins Blums – 02:31:08
  3. Mattheus Fluckiger – 02:32:21
  4. Karl Platt – 02:36:20
  5. Matthew Keyser – 02:37:26

Top 5 Elite Marathon Women Podium at Nissan Trailseeker #1 Banhoek:

  1. Adelheid Morath – 02:56:48
  2. Yana Belomoina – 02:58:43
  3. Lia Schrievers – 03:00:24
  4. Laura Stark – 03:12:27
  5. Monique Du Toit – 03:26:44