Today was a bittersweet ending to the 2019 Nissan Trailseeker MTB Series in Cullinan. The trails were simply incredible which made it so much harder to accept that this is the last event of the Series.

Over 2000 mountain bikers gathered at the start line with their family and friends to take on the beautiful routes Cullinan had to offer. Marathon riders were in for a treat with Little Eden awaiting them approximately 14km into the race. This is one of the most thrilling sections in the Trailseeker Series, with a great deal of technical riding through interesting lava formations.

Fritz Pienaar and Vanessa Bell led the respective packs on their Specialized Levos, keeping us informed of developments at all times during the men and ladies’ Marathon race.

Men’s race: From the get-go, a group of four riders pulled away from the bunch, which included Wessel Botha, Pieter du Toit, Shaun-Nick Bester and Nico Bell. They kept the pace steady throughout the race when Wessel Botha pulled away and managed to open a lead of 1-minute from the other riders. He had a solid race and managed to grab first place at the Nissan Trailseeker Cullinan event.

Nissan Trailseeker #6 Cullinan – Photo Credit: Henk Neuhoff

Women’s race: At 10km into the race Robyn de Groot, Sarah Hill, Theresa Ralph and Danielle Strydom were all bunched together. After the first climb, Danielle fell back from the group. Theresa managed to stay on the heels of Sarah and Robyn, until the second climb of the race. Robyn de Groot took advantage of the rocky uphill drag to pull away from Sarah and finished first in the women’s Marathon race.

“Today was all about celebrating the outdoors with amazing trails for mountain bikers to enjoy. The Nissan Trailseeker Series has always been a family event and has loads to offer to any fitness level and age. We look forward to the 2020 Series and will announce the dates in the coming weeks.” Leon Odendaal, Race Director.

2019 Nissan Trailseeker Trail Run Series #6, Gauteng

Cullinan Sports Grounds

Leading results:

Overall men’s podium at 2019 Nissan Trailseeker MTB Series #6 Cullinan

1.         Wessel Botha – 02:23:12

2.         Pieter du Toit – 02:24:30

3.         Shaun-Nick Bester – 02:26:39

Overall women’s podium at 2019 Nissan Trailseeker MTB Series #6 Cullinan

1.         Robyn de Groot – 02:45:34

2.         Sarah Hill – 02:52:27

3.         Theresa Ralph – 02:56:27

All results can be viewed here:  If you have any queries regarding your results, please email Finish Time at with your SAS and ID number.