They say summer bodies are made in the winter, but it is definitely tough getting up in the mornings when it is pitch black and cold outside. We’ve compiled 10 training tips to get you moving this winter and help you train for the Nissan Trailseeker Series events.

Get a buddy

Training alone is not for everyone, especially if you are just starting out in cycling. Get a buddy to cycle with you (at least) once a week. You wouldn’t want to disappoint someone, and they will push you to train harder.  

Consistency is key

Be consistent in everything you do, even if it is only 30min sessions twice a week, try and keep to that training plan.

Long weekend rides

If you do the short rides during the week, work in your longer rides over weekends, where you can start later the day when it is warmer.

Quality gear

Invest in quality gear and layer for the winter. Wear arm warmers, a jacket and a windbreaker over your cycling kit.


During the winter the sunrise is only at about 06h30am and sunset at 05h45pm. Make sure you have enough lights on your bike and reflective gear for vehicles to spot you.

Plan ahead

Plan a route ahead of time to get maximum training value.


Draw up a schedule on your calendar. You will be less likely to skip training sessions if you planned for it.

Get organized

Pack your gear ahead of time, so when you wake up, you can just dress and get moving.

Join a group

There are so many Strava and Gym groups available with set goals for the week. There’s nothing like good old competition.

Reward yourself

After a training session, reward yourself with a good cup of coffee at a restaurant. Coffee is one of the treats that has the least number of calories in and gives you a good kick for the rest of the day.