We’re only a few hours away from the second edition of Nissan Trailseeker Series 2019. Here’s a few details you need to know before tomorrow’s event.

Race Day Detail

Venue: ARC Roodeplaat – Directions

Registration: From 06h00am at the venue

Race Day Entries

No entries will be available on race day. There is still opportunity to enter for the trail run on Sunday at registration.

Race Booklet

You can download the race booklet here, with all the details about the route, elevation profiles and perks of a Nissan Trailseeker Series event.

Start Times

Listen out on the day for your batch call, below the start times for race day.

Distance Batch Time
Elite Ultra Marathon Elite A Men Ultra 07h00
Elite Ultra Marathon Elite A Women Ultra 07h10
E-Bike Race 40km E-Bike Batch 07h15
Marathon Elite Men 70 08h05
Marathon A Men 08h05
Marathon Elite Women 70 08h15
Marathon A Women 08h15
Marathon B 08h20
Marathon C 08h25
Marathon D 08h30
Marathon E 08h35
Marathon F 08h40
Marathon G 08h45
Fun Race A 10h30
Fun Race B 10h35
Fun Race C 10h40
Fun Race D 10h45
Fun Race E 10h50
Fun Race F 10h55
Fun Ride Open Batch 11h00
Half-Marathon Elite Men 40 09h15
Half-Marathon A Men 09h15
Half-Marathon Elite Women 40 09h25
Half-Marathon A Women 09h25
Half-Marathon B 09h30
Half-Marathon C 09h35
Half-Marathon D 09h40
Half-Marathon E 09h45
Half-Marathon F 09h50
Half-Marathon G 09h55
Half-Marathon H 10h00
Half-Marathon I 10h05
Half-Marathon J 10h10

SAS Category Stickers

SASeeding category stickers are only for SA XCM Champ participants. Please make sure, you’ve registered and collected your sticker. Secure your sticker around your seat post.

Elite’s Only Tech Zone

Feed and technical assistance zones for Elite Ultra Marathon riders only. More detail here.

Spectator Point

There is a spectator point at Sefudi. Here you can watch all the action on route for the 40km, 70km and Ultra Marathon. Please use main road to Buffelsdrift Trail Park. Directions here

Remember to have fun on the routes, be safe and enjoy the day.