At Nissan Trailseeker we believe we are frontrunners of innovation and technology in the sporting industry. We always try adding new and exciting elements to our races to give our clients the best value for their time and money. This year we are changing up the cycling and running scene by eliminating the registration process and getting our clients to experience the trails without standing in long queues. Goody bags will be handed out at the end of the race along with your medal and nutrition to avoid bottle necks.


Not sure how this is going to work? No worries, we’ve got you covered…


Nissan Trailseeker Registration Queue-Less

You have a SASeeding Board or Armband


If you already have a SASeeding timing-board or armband, you don’t have to go to registration. On race day there will be a scan-and-go section where your board will be tested and approved. You can then proceed to the batch check-in to kick-start the day.


Should you have any queries regarding your batch details, you can visit the quick-registration point for more information.


You don’t have a board or armband. You are a new rider or lost your board.


If this is your first Trailseeker event and you do not have a timing board, you can visit registration the day before the event, or race day to purchase your board. Once you have registered you will proceed to the batch check-in section where you will start the day.


Goody bags

Don’t forget to grab your goody bags at the end of the race. Your magnet medal will be included in this package along with fun things to get you on your way to recovery after a tough day out.